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Engaging across every channel, at the right time, with the right, relevant, information makes
for happier customers and higher retention rates, allowing for your business to grow that much faster.



Building stronger relationships and exceeding expectations is a standard and effective way to grow your
business and retain your customers. Your brand reputation and success are often at the mercy of the
quality of your customer engagement; so why shouldn’t you strive for the best? With TrendzAct, we
make progress and processes streamlined and hassle-free allowing your users to focus on their audience
interaction and satisfaction rather than on the tool itself.

Improve Customer Experience in Real Time
Convert a Churn Call into an Upsell
Close More Deals, Faster

The TrendzAct CRM provides your agents, team leaders, and executives with the sophisticated tools they need to completely
focus on each stage of your customer life-cycle, thus increasing profitability.


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Build detailed profiles of each contact that include contact information,
communication history, points of opportunity, related tasks, and notes all through a single contact-ticket
page. Every interaction with a contact is tracked and updated in real time so it’s always up-to-date.


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Analyze needs, identify solutions, establish progress, take notes, confirm
satisfaction, and move onto the next call with unrivaled ease.


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TrendzAct’s varied roles allows for team members to access, view, and
update information on a contact’s page, making collaboration and escalation a breeze. Drastically
reduce overlap and improve the customer experience with readily accessible and historical data ready
whenever your agents are.


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Your sales and support staff spend a lot of time on the phone and
can often spend too much time using their CRM tool. TrendzAct automates many of those tasks so your
team can move more quickly through calls thus delivering more results. With increased automation, you
can assist more customer with fewer agents, in less time.


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Data hounds and reporting novices alike will appreciate the easy to
use dashboards, system generated reports and customizable reporting options. Quickly filter your data
and drill down to create detailed lists.


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We continuously improve the application and are always looking for
ways to improve. We want to hear your thoughts. Call, email, or start a web chat with us today!