Get to Know the TrendzAct CRM Call Center Solution

In a fast-moving, constantly changing, global economy, opportunities wait for no one. Agility, speed, and flexibility are essential for supporting products or services.

The TrendzAct enterprise call center CRM software is designed to propel and assist global enterprises in meeting their complex, functional, industry, and regulatory goals and requirements.

Contact Relationship Management

Stay ahead of the curve with TrendzAct’s up-to-the-minute view of your entire ticket resolution funnel. Easily sort through multi-channel, historical, data to make informed decisions and track performance.

With TrendzAct’s cloud contact center solution, you can provide your agents, leaders, and executives with the sophisticated tools they need to ensure accurate tracking of all business opportunities and resolve more tickets with fewer resources.

Workforce Management


Roles & Rights:

Permission settings serve two purposes within the end-user organization: determining who can access different types of data and limit which system utilities are available to an individual employee. Properly calibrated permissions, simultaneously, ensures data security and makes it easy to collaborate.

By using profiles in TrendzAct’s cloud contact center solution, you can restrict users from deleting or exporting customer records and give each team member access to only the functions they require. TrendzAct CRM’s enterprise-level security features allow end-user administrators to define a hierarchy of customized roles that fit their internal needs.


Collaboration is often-overlooked in other CRM software’s, however, TrendzAct fosters it by allowing agents to invite interaction on a contact record, enforced by data sharing rules.

Segment out groups of agents so that only representatives experienced with those customers’ products are tasked with supporting them. Mentoring agents and having experts transfer their knowledge endorses community, inclusion, and seamless adoption.

RESTful Web Services


Your business needs more than just automation to manage all of its activities. You might use different applications for everything from accounting and analytics to email and event management. Our REST APIs allow you to collaborate, communicate, and share information with hundreds of external applications.

By utilizing the more flexible REST API, you can define a set of architectural principles by which you can design Web services that focus on a system’s resources, including how resource states are addressed and transferred over HTTP by a wide range of clients written in different languages. The opportunities are endless!

Business Analytics



Looking to slice and dice your data to make it work for you? TrendzAct makes it easy with over 50 standard reports that can be used “as-is” or customized for ad-hoc use. Reports return data from different data sets so you can process and use it as efficiently as possible. Create progress funnels, know your escalation rates, make better forecasts, track your key performance indicators, and much more.

Easily save and share your reports with individuals or groups at different, set, permission levels. Let agents see their performance charts while giving your management the ability to see all the data in their groups. TrendzAct’s CRM call center software makes it easy to identify challenges and uncover much-needed process improvements.


Get a real-time, visual snapshot of your organization’s key metrics with the TrendzAct dashboard. Using dashboards gives you instant feedback regarding progress status, escalation rates, resolution rates, and progress funnel. Know your pacing towards key metrics by easily watching for visual comparisons, patterns, and trends.