Extensions provide feature enhancements, integrations with third-party software, and many other solutions for common business needs.

Secure File Transfer & Storage

Emailing files with sensitive data is a security breach. Contacts and agents can confidently transfer and attach files to the contact record.

Data Append

Get access to over fifty (50) consumer demographic data points your team can use by automatically populating contact records with details from our database.

Service Availability Lookup

Service area lookup (SAL) tool provides an exact address-based list of all major carriers, service providers, and home services are available across the nation. SAL's flexible API and management screen allows for a wide array of implementations that will help your business.

Gift with Action Fulfillment

Need to reward a customer for placing an order, making an upgrade, or allowing your team to “wow” them? Rebate Gift is the exclusive partner for gift with purchase, or gift due to action fulfillment.

Performance Marketing Lead Routing Optimization

Leads come in through many different channels and routing them to highest performing centers, teams or agents is critical to profitability and contact satisfaction. The RevRouter rules engine evaluates every variable and immediately determines the best choice. Using machine learning, the engine constantly monitors and updates behaviors, trends and external influences to ensure maximum predictability


Include an electronic signature to your merged documents associated with contacts. Simply add the eSignature merge fields and your customers across the world can sign it instantly.

Intelligent Web Scraper-Autofill Macro

The Intelligent Web Scraper-Autofill Macro will eliminate “swivel chair entry” for external, third-party software that cannot be accessed via APIs. This browser-based JavaScript framework can embed either a client-side app or server-side technology inside TrendzAct CRM to auto-fill fields from and scrape resulting outcomes.

RESTful Web Services

Your business needs more than just automation to manage all of its activities. You might use different applications for everything from accounting and analytics, to email and event management, so our REST APIs let you collaborate, communicate, and share information with hundreds of external apps.

REST defines a set of architectural principles by which you can design Web services that focus on a system's resources, including how resource states are addressed and transferred over HTTP by a wide range of clients written in different languages. The opportunities are endless.

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