The TrendzAct CRM is designed to grow and evolve just as your internal processes do. Keep parity between operations and technology with our enterprise call center workforce management software. Choose from an array of customization tools and find solutions for your needs today and future-proof from tomorrow.

Below you can find our most popular CRM features within the TrendzAct platform:


Gamification encourages both competition and collaboration within your team all the while driving continued improvement.

Our gamification allows your teams to treat each engagement like a competition. Help staff stay focused on improvement with real-time posting of customer satisfaction survey responses, quality assurance audit results, and resolved ticket statuses.

Let TrendzAct games start improving your productivity, today!

Email Sync

We know improving customer service can be a daunting goal; however, with TrendzAct’s cloud contact center CRM suite and robust syncing tools, you can make every engagement easier. Allow agents to select canned or templated messages, attach relevant documents, and send communications directly from the TrendzAct platform.

Each email is stored in the contact’s record for historical reference.

Task Management

If you’re looking for the ideal CRM for business process outsourcers, look no further. The TrendzAct CRM is here to improve consistency, making overseas, call center workforce management, a breeze. Our task management tools help your agents create and track both individual and group tasks associated with a contact. Track progress with time/date stamping and easily hold teams accountable for success.


Communication has never been more important, isn’t it time your CRM made it easier? With
TrendzAct’s integrated conversations, team experts can assist and collaborate in real-time yielding better results and decisions. Improve customer service and communication further with our enterprise messaging, available with special rights.

Data Hygiene

Eliminate unwanted “tool-time” by automating your data entry using address autocomplete verification, email validation, and phone number masking.

This eliminates duplicate accounts and improves customer service and conversion by ensuring follow-up communication is delivered.

Omnichannel Engagement

Not all customers are alike. Isn’t it time a contact center solution allowed you to interact with a
customer in the channel they most prefer? TrendzAct’s multi-channel CRM support allows your teams to contact their customers the way they want to be contacted. Choose from live chat, SMS, or email.

Keep track of every conversation all within a single platform. Customer communication and connection has never been easier!

Activity Log

Make workforce management easier with our robust activity log. A log event is automatically created for every customer interaction including calls, emails, meetings, and notes. This allows you to decipher which user changed what or when an engagement has taken place.

Notes & Conversations

Notes are a vital part of successful customer communication. With TrendzAct’s CRM software for call centers, your team will have the ability to invite a team leader to real-time chat conversation which can then be converted into notes and comments. This unique concept enables agents to reduce escalation transfers and improve customer satisfaction.

Agent & Group Queue

Hold teams accountable by assigning tickets to an agent or a group.

Easily assess how many tickets are assigned, past due, and if they are abandoned or unassigned.

Process Controls

Consistency is key; help everyone in your team follow the correct process, even when you’re not looking.

Set roles allows you to keep controlled access to information and keep workflow management concise all while automation ensures post-activity compliance.


Automation is an efficiency multiplier. With TrendzAct’s CRM solution, you can easily automate alerts, tasks, field updates, and scheduled communications. Save time and effort that can be better spent interacting directly with your audience.

Mobile App

Take the office with you with real-time insights into trends, customer engagement, and team
performance with our mobile dashboard. Make informed decisions on-the-go, in a meeting, or relaxing on a beach.

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