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Looking to grow your business and improve customer retention? TrendzAct is here to build stronger relationships and exceed expectations with our multi-channel, CRM, contact center, solution.

Let’s face it, your brand reputation heavily relies on the quality of your customer engagement. Isn’t it time to wow customers with a memorable, efficient, and personalized experience that rivals the competition? The TrendzAct, cloud-based, CRM provides contact centers with a platform to quickly and effectively improve customer satisfaction, net promoter scores, customer retention, and consistently improve overall company effectiveness.

Engagement  Focused
Cloud Contact
Center Solution
Contact Relationship Management

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Complete view of your contacts and their activity from a single page, including communications history, key attributes, events and tasks, survey satisfaction, sales opportunities, and agent scripting.

TrendzAct gives you the complete contact management picture and automatically captures the links between contacts, organizations and the business relationships they share.

We link contacts with every discrete care interaction or sales opportunity, escalations, and internal communications.

Nothing is overlooked, and everything is easy to find.

Immediate contextual support using filters and metatags so critical information is populated automatically and displayed conveniently in agent’s view.

Global Workforce & Automation

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For enterprise contact centers, every second counts.  TrendzAct reduces wasted “tool time” by thoughtfully placing critical information within the agent view and controls the engagement with customized workflows.  The globalized application supports six major languages, manages 24-hour time zones, and can be localized to use your company lingo and jargon.  We easily integrating easily with other systems by leveraging our open API.  Ensure your centers can immediately respond with the right resource, with the necessary information to support your contacts, and without delays.  Triage, resolve, and escalate seamlessly while organizing, automating, and updating your team’s response processes.

Visually drag and drop agent UI and automation workflows stages and statuses without IT interaction.  Ensure the optimal action is taken for every contact, lead, and opportunity. No coding is required so you can respond to changing business needs without the IT backlog headache.

Discover connections through relationship links. Plan the best sales approach with relationship maps to guide you. Track organization hierarchies, partnerships, and all your contacts' connections.


Omnichannel Engagement

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Omnichannel communication all in one place, with templated responses to ensure the right message is sent via the right channel.  Agents stay focused and engage customers whether on the phone, chat or email with the leading engagement automation software. Your team can receive or make calls, personalize templated emails, and assign following tasks to themselves or a group of recipients right from the quick view screen.

Business Analytics

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TrendzAct identifies trends, then delivers actionable data through our notifications center.  Data visualization and ad hoc, customized reports are native to the application.  Couple external analytical applications using our open API to slice, dice, cube and skewer any report metric. Every field, every contact, every engagement, status, scheduled event, reminder, and triggered communication is available with just a click.  Backed by Amazon Web Services, your data becomes immediately available, accurate, and actionable.

Routing Optimization

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Route the contact to the right agent at the right time with triage and escalation policies.  Resolve inquiries faster with fewer mistakes, and higher contact satisfaction thanks to workflow automation tools.  More productive teams, faster resolution rates, and rich reporting make TrendzAct a ‘must have’ for progressing contact centers. 

Compliance Requirements

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TrendzAct is worthy of being trustworthy with SSAE 18.  Outsourcing of mission-critical functions such as contact management applications and data storage can be risky.  The Service Organization Controls (SOC) framework transitioned into a new standard for controls that safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of information stored and processed in the cloud.  Our Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE 18) are the standards under which the audit is performed, and is the basis of the SOC 1 report. 

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